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IRWIN Dovetail Pull Saw

  • Use this dovetail saw for interior trim work and detailed work around windows
  • The flexible blade on this pull saw is also great for flush cuts on dowels
  • A polymer handle on these dovetail saws is comfortable and durable
  • 22-pt. tooth count gives a smooth, even cut
  • 7-1/4" blade length

MILWAUKEE Sabre Saw Blade

  • Optimized tooth design providing 2X more life than our previous generation SAWZALL® blades
  • Tough Neck™ ribs strengthen the blade tang and minimize breakage
  • Grid Iron™ honeycomb pattern increases blade rigidity to resist blade buckling.
  • 150mm Long

STANLEY Hacksaw - Box Frame

  • Bi-material handle for comfort

  • 45° and 90° adjustable blade angle

  • Robust box beam metal frame

  • Storage for up to 8 blades

  • 150kg blade tension

STANLEY Hacksaw Blade

  • High speed steel blades cut most metals including unhardened tool steel and stainless steel
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