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Cable rollers, Bell mouths, Conduit Slippers & Guides.

Bell Mouths

  • Cast Aluminium Split Bell Mouth Conduit fittings allow
  • Cable entry to Duct from any angle. Ideal for using in occupied conduit.
  • Sizes 100, 125, or 150mm.
  • Handy alternative to Conduit Slippers



Cable Ladder Roller


Add support to your Cable Tray roller with the addition of these side arms. Used mainly when Cable Ladder is installed instead of Tray. Fixing nuts and bolts are supplied.



Cable Tray Angle Roller


Used to form angles on cable or ladder tray bends. Bolt or tie to individual cable ladder rungs or perforated cable tray. Excellent junction roller when running around bends. Dog bone or Tube Roller can be mounted in either top preference.



Cable Tray Rollers


Available with PVC or Alloy Bearing Rollers, protect cable from tray sharps and make installation easier. The optional side arms are used when using the rollers on cable ladder tray. 


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Cable Tray Vertical Angle Roller

  • Made from twin alloy bearing rollers to keep cable captive.
  • Will accept cable diameter to 90mm.
  • Can be mounted directly to Cable Tray or Ladder.
  • Top roller removable for quick and easy placement of cable.



Conduit Slippers (28mm-150mm)


Sizes range from 28mm through to 150mm.


When access to the duct opening is readily available these guides (slippers) assist in protecting the cable sheath and providing up to a 90 degree angle for cable entry. Not suitable for use when cables are exiting from duct as they are not lockable.



Corner Trench Cable Roller

Corner Trench Cable Rollers are rated at 200kg per roller and can be ganged together by star pickets to form any configuration. Corner Trench Cable Rollers are sold separately but usually purchased in gangs of three to form a sweeping bend. 



Flat Trench Cable Roller


Flat Trench Cable Roller or use on surface applications. Can be supplied with a PVC or alloy bearing roller with no difference to load rating. ( approx 200kg ) Sturdy Tubular Frame with cross sections to aid in surface grip.



Manhole Cable Rollers

  • Used when entering or exiting manholes. 
  • The triple cable roller version can be fixed or pivoting depending on your requirement, and all have 150mm alloy bearing rollers.


Available in single, double, or triple cable roller.



Multipurpose Square Roller

  • Supplied with 4 x 46mm Tubular Steel Bearing Rollers.
  • The base plate is 255mm x 130mm.  
  • Top Roller is removable for quick and easy placement of cable. Used on cable tray, cable ladder, or in any situation where multi directional cable installation is require.
  • There are 4 x 13mm pre-drilled holes in the base plate should anchoring be required. 


Occupied Trench Cable Roller


The occupied trench roller is useful when your trench is already occupied with conduit or existing cable. 140mm alloy bearing roller will accommodate cables to 138mm diameter. Effective in open clear trench where a stand off due to soft soil is required.


Also available with a PVC Roller.


Split Lock Cable Rollers


Available to suit conduit entries from 35mm through to 200mm.


  • The full bearing roller makes it easier going for entry to or exit from the conduit as well as protect the cable against abrasion from the conduit opening.
  • The Roller can be placed at any angle in the conduit and locked in place. 




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