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Required equipment for conduit/duct blowing.

240v Conduit Blowing Unit

  • Two speed 240V x 2200W* motor delivers constant air pressure for blowing conduits to 150mm diameter.
  • The 240V Conduit Blower Can be purchased in a kit which includes blowing accessories such as bags, balloons etc, to suit your specific needs.
  • The motor consists of 2 x 1100w drives.


Cable Glide Premium Gel Lubricant


Cable Gel unique formula and premium ingredients will suit all cable types. Hand or pump applied, water based and biodegradable. Economical 20 litre pail. Also available in 1 Litre and 200 Litre Containers

Conduit Blowing Gun

  • For use with industrial air compressor, universal air coupling fitted.
  • User friendly heavy duty on/off lever.
  • Will efficiently blow drawline or parramatta rope to conduits up to 200mm




Conduit Blowing Seals

  • Conduit blowing seals for empty or occupied conduit. To suit sizes 25mm – 150mm (Solutions now available for 200mm conduit )



Occupied Conduit Blowing Gun

  • Utilised for blowing our famous paramatta rope (here) through 50mm and 100mm conduits which already have cable occupation.



Roping Gun Conduit Seal Off


When long sections of conduit are required to have drawline installed, the roping gun seal off is used to create a seal around the conduit, preventing air blowback, creating a one-way passage of air.


ZEITLER EZ100 Conduit Blowing/Retrieving Machine

  • The Pull Line Blower EZ100 by Zeitler has been developed especially for network construction such as civil engineering, ground work, roads, tunnels, bridges, etc.
  • It is suitable for cable ducts from Ø 50 to 150 mm (internal diameter).



ZEITLER EZ300 Pull Line Blower

  • The Pull Line Blower EZ300 by Zeitler needs no electrical connection. The strong fuel engine feeds the pull lineindependent of power supply.

    The EZ300 is used for network construction in civil engineering, ground work, roads, tunnels, bridges, snow cannons and cable car construction.

  • It is suitable for cable ducts Ø 25 to 200 mm (internal diameter).




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