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Safely and efficiently handle your cable drums with our proven equipment.

100Kg Cable Drum Stand "A" Frame

  • A simple to use cable payoff system consisting of two 'A' frames with a centre axle.
  • A long working life can be expected due to all welded construction.
  • Maximum drum diameter: 800mm.
  • Useable axle width between the two 'A' frames: 900mm
  • Minimum cable drum centre hole: 27mm diameter

Drum Handling Trolley

  • Foldaway & lightweight
  • Handles drums up to 250kg
  • Max Width of 900mm
    • Supplied with Spindle & Locking Collars (x4)
    • Pneumatic Tyres
    • 4 Mounting Positions

Drum Roller Ramp

  • Our new and improved 1000kg capacity Cable Drum Ramp Set now features extras such as a stabilising bar to the rear of the unit that will greatly reduce the possibility of the ramp set yawing when your cable is being spooled out.

Drum Stands

  • Our newly designed Hydraulic Cable stand now features a larger footprint per section than our previous model which greatly enhances the stability of the unit when the drum is in motion.

Drum Stands (6-16 Tonne)

  • All sets are complete with drum spindle, cones and collars and are flat packed ready for assembly. Should fixing be required base plates are in place for M12 dynabolts. Provisions for disk brakes are also included.



Scissor Lift (2 TONNE)

  • Our SL2 scissor lift drum roller will accommodate cable or rope drums up to a diameter of 1.6m (without choking) and is rated to lift drums with a maximum weight of 2.0 Tonne. We have had the unit NATA proof load tested and it tolerated 4.0 tonne before deflection.
  • Support Beam Included

Scissor Lift (4 TONNE)

  • Easily chocked for oversized drum heights
  • Generous bar length of 2.5m
  • Great multi-application drum handling solution
  • Max drum sizes from 1.6m through to 2.4m

Sub Duct Coiler

  • Our Subduct Coiler is designed to assist in the payoff, winding and storage of your PVC Subduct Coils up to a length of 660M The “L" shaped upper sections are adjustable and removable which reduces storage space when not in use.


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