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Fibreglass insulated equipment for aerial use.

ALL TRADES Sunrise Fitting



Operating Stick HV w/ Universal Sunrise Head

  • Foam filled Epoxiglass fibreglass operating pole
  • Special made approach stick for use with modiewark non-contact voltage tester
  • Cut & Fitted with Universal head adaptor
  • Fitted with base cap

SENSHIN SK202 8M Fibreglass Measuring Pole

  • Senshin SK Telescoping Measuring Pole, 1.4m to 8m, graduated in centimeters.

  • Perfect for obtaining measurements underneath bridges, overhangs, ceilings, vehicles, trailers, etc. This rugged, fiberglass measuring pole telescopes smoothly and measures up to 8m. Measurements are shown on the sealed, enclosed tape readout which is located on the bottom tier of the pole for easy viewing. Friction clamps ensure no-slip extension of the pole sections. The pole collapses to 1.4m and weighs less than 3kg. Includes shoulder strap and carrying case.

VOLT SAFETY HV Insulated Telescopic Stick

  • Triangular Shaped Hot Sticks are designed to provide the working distance and insulation required to perform routine jobs on overhead electrical systems. The unit comprises of a number of sticks that slide into each other with integrated locking buttons.

  • The range is supplied with a universal alloy fitting ‘universal sunrise’ head, which attaches to the numerous universal tools that are available. The range is supplied in a protective carry bag, and the sticks have a height measurement, disconnect hook and fuse puller attachments.

VOLT SAFETY Sunrise Fitting

  • Pigtail fitting
  • Non-Conductive
  • For use with sunrise fitting adaptors

VOLT SAFETY Switchboard Rescue Kit

  • Meets all Energy Suppliers safety and contents requirements.
  • High visibility waterproof carry bag with shoulders strap can double up as a water bucket.
  • A must have item for most Electricians and is designed to be used by the safety observer in the event of an on-site electrocution. It enables the safety observer to safety rescue the victim without being electrocuted themselves.


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