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Cable Grips & Accessories for Aerial Cabling application.

ABC CABLE Come Along

  • Designed to reduce cable fatigue and provide ease of application for the user.
  • Equipped with plated bodies, a long fixed lower jaw and spring loaded upper jaw the unit is fitted to the conductor

BOKER Come Alongs

  • Designed for copper and steel wires
  • Suitable for linesmen, bridge builders, industry and
  • Parallel hardened steel tensioning jaws
  • Galvanised body
  • Spring-loaded jaws grip wire easily



Klein Wire Grips

  • Works with aircraft, EHS, messenger and guy strand cable
  • Double ''V'' grooves give four-point contact, reducing the chance of slipping and providing proper alignment of the wire and cable
  • Saw-tooth profile provides extra gripping power
  • 4500 lbs (2041 kg) Maximum Safe Load
  • Locking handle keeps jaw open while the grip is placed on the cable with a hot stick

NGK Come Along Clamps


MIDDLE GRIP: 5-25mm 

LARGE GRIP: 16-32mm

  • Bare Al & bare Cu
  • Fine smooth jaws to minimise conductor damage
  • Manufactured from high tensile alloy steel, hot forged, heat-treated, precision machined and zinc-plated
  • Safety latch on all NGK models
  • Special shaped pulling eyes suit all brands of strap pullers



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