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Sprays, powders & other products.


ALL TRADES Red Canvas Cover

  • Red Canvas Cover
  • Suits Rega 16L Knapsack
  • 40x50x20 (wxhxd)



ALL TRADES Rubber Bandage (2m)


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ALL TRADES Universal Over Boots



ALMINOX Electrical Jointing Compound

  • A mineral oil based corrosion inhibitor with added zinc grit
  • 188°C drop point
  • Provides excellent outdoor weathering protection
  • For aluminum compression joints



Aqualyte Rehydration Powder

  • Low sugar fluid and electrolyte rehydration solution Each 25g sachet makes 600ml
    • ATM-AL25G50S (Lemon & Lime)
    • ATM-AM25G50S (Mixed)
    • ATM-AO25G50S (Orange Flavour)
    • ATM-AB25G50S (Berry Flavour)

BAILEY Fibreglass Double Sided Step Ladder

  • Fibreglass construction approved for use in the electrical industry. Sized from 0.9m through to 3.6m Load rating to 150kg 



BAILEY Fibreglass Step Extension Ladder

  • Versatile industrial use option if you need a little more height. Pole “V” bracket factory fitted to each ladder. Sizing to 4.1m extended.


BIG LUGG Tool Holder

  • Fully adjustable for almost any hand held power tool
  • Use to hold cordless drills, nailers, staplers, saws, and more
  • Fits any tool belt or waistbelt and clips on and off in seconds
  • Swivels out of the way against your hip when not in use
  • Durable all metal construction
  • Perfect match with our custom made tool aprons here

Communications Earth Pit Lead (1.5m)

  • Lead roll
  • 1500 x 50 x 3mm
  • 3m length of copper/PVC
  • Green/Yellow 6mm² earth cable soldered 
  • Mechanically retained to the lead strap and coated with a protective paint.
  • Used for new construction of telecommunications pit and refurbishment.

FILOFORM MD+ Duct Sealant

  • Flexible, one component, adhesive and sealing compound in a cartridge - (310ml)
  • High levels of Gas and Water tightness Removable / Re-enterable
  • Excellent adhesion, applicable to all common building materials
  • Shows Fire resistance properties Resistant against Water,
  • Alkaline, Chemical agents Resistant to Hydrogen Sulphide /
  • Methane and many other Gases (NedLab)

FiloSeal+HD Sealant

  • Universal re-enterable duct sealing system for duct openings up to 250mm in diameter.
  • FiloSeal+HD provides a strong system using the hexagonal tubes which build up like a honeycomb structure.

Hydrating Powder Concentrate

  • Proprietary electrolyte formula inc. Magnesium Each 3g sachet makes 600ml
    • PAR-SSSMIX (Mixed)
    • PAR-SSSFOR (Orange)
    • PAR-SSSFWB (Wildberry)
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