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Ladders for any task or industry.

BAILEY Fibreglass Double Sided Step Ladder

  • Fibreglass construction approved for use in the electrical industry. Sized from 0.9m through to 3.6m Load rating to 150kg 



BAILEY Fibreglass Step Extension Ladder

  • Versatile industrial use option if you need a little more height. Pole “V” bracket factory fitted to each ladder. Sizing to 4.1m extended.


Branach PowerMaster Extension


The PowerMaster Extension Ladder range features Branach's unique strongbox construction. This allows for dramatic rigidity which greatly reduces twist and sway. They are designed for maximum safety when working at heights.



LADAMAX Aluminium Single Scaffold Ladders

  • Lightweight Possibly the lightest and strongest single scaffold ladder made
  • Strength Swagelock 'D' Aluminium rung connection S
  • tronger Channel section 2.4m-4.2m
  • Stronger I-Beam Section 4.8m-6m Large flat feet

LADAMAX Fibreglass Double Sided Step Ladder

LADAMAX Fibreglass Ladders are factory load tested to 500kg. Sturdy and lightweight construction. Lengths 0.9 metres thru to 3.6 metres. AS1892 load rated at 150kg. Excellent quality, Competitive pricing, Made in Australia.

LADAMAX Fibreglass Platform Step Ladder

  • Platforms load tested to 500kg. SWL 150kg. Rear guard rails available.

  • Made in Australia



LADDERFORCE Double Sided Step Ladders

  • Made to the Australian Standard for industrial ladders, the fibreglass “C” channel construction and aluminium bracing delivers a light, strong and versatile step ladder

LADDERFORCE Extension Ladders

  • Made from strong box section fibreglass stiles with high quality extruded aluminium “D” rungs mounted into the fibreglass
  • The LADDERFORCE range of extension ladders, when fully extended, range in size from 3.9 metres up to 9.4 metres

LADDERFORCE Platform Ladders

  • Suitable for all areas of industry where a quick and portable work platform is required including the power, gas and mining sectors.
  • Large platform working area
    • 560mm width
    • 365x700mm working area

LADDERFORCE Single Ladders

  • Ideal ladders for daily industrial applications where safety and reliability are essential.
  • The strength and durability of LADDERFORCE ladders make them ideal for industries such as the power, gas and mining industries, for new installations, carrying out maintenance and as part of scaffolding
  • Along with our testing and repair programme LADDERFORCE offers a reliable ladder with long service life.

LockJaw Ladder Safety Grip

  • Constructed from robust glass fitted nylon
  • Ladder stabilizer for gutters
  • Can be used in single unit or dual unit configuration
  • Locks onto gutter in 5 seconds
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