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Cable Hauling Accessories

7 - Conduit Rodder Repair Kit



  • Permabond Adhesive
  • 1 x Hauling Eyes
  • 2 x Rodder Coupling
  • 1 x Guide Eye
  • 2 x 

Cleaning Mandrel

  • Used to clear debris from conduit prior to proving or cable hauling, in some cases used to distribute more even coats of lube. Usually constructed containing rubber discs, but wire brush types also available.

Conduit Blowing Gun

  • For use with industrial air compressor, universal air coupling fitted.
  • User friendly heavy duty on/off lever.
  • Will efficiently blow drawline or parramatta rope to conduits up to 200mm




Conduit Blowing Seals

  • Conduit blowing seals for empty or occupied conduit. To suit sizes 25mm – 150mm (Solutions now available for 200mm conduit )



Crescent CFT30 Fish Tape

  • Light weight and non-conductive fiberglass
  • Glow in the dark guide wheel
  • No coil memory
  • Suitable for pushing and pulling electrical wires through pipes, conduit, wall cavities and ceilings



Duct Proving Mandrel Set

  • Used for checking the sizing in communication and electrical conduits.  
  • Recommended and used for the Telstra and NBN cabling installations
  • Made from Coloured Acetal Rod.
  • These Mandrels are hard wearing and cover a range of sizes for your full installation requirements. 
  • Each Mandrel has an 8mm bore, 80mm overall length (except 12mm dia – overall length is 50mm)

Entry Seal Duct Plugs

Prevent the incursion of water and sedimentation into costly duct banks, raceway systems and fibre networks

  • Ideal for subducts, conduits and cables

Galvanised Cable Grips


C1 grips are for general hauling applications.

They have a soft eye for fitting in tight spaces, are made from durable 2070 grade galvanised wire, and are swaged with an aluminium alloy ferrule.
They have a slimline design to reduce snagging, and all protruding wires are covered with heat shrink to protect the operators hands.





Gatic Pit Key Set



- 2x Long Handle

- 1x Short Handle Seal Breaker

- 2x Roll Bars

- Spanner

- Scraper

- Carry Bag



Heavy Duty Cable Grips

  • Tubular Weave Style
  • Single Eye
  • Galvanised Weave
  • Soft Eye
  • Aluminium Ferrule
  • Heavy Duty Construction






Innerduct Pulling Eyes

  • Easy insertion by rotating the pulling eye into the innerduct allows the threads to make the connection
  • A convenient hole in the threaded end of the pulling eye body is used to tie off the innerduct pulling line or tape keeping it from being lost during the pulling operation
  • Used for placement of 32mm sub-duct

Manhole Lid Lifter

  • Take the stress out of lifting heavy manhole covers.

  • Suits Gatic style or standard lid accessory available. 




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