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Cable Hauling winches to meet your requirements and specifications.

*CAPSTAN WINCH 500KG with Crank Handle or Battery Op

  • No Petrol, No Electricity, No Hydraulics
  • Very Little Noise.
    500kg SWL Capstan Winch with hands free operation.
  • Use the Winch Handle or your battery drill.



Capstan Winch 1136KG Petrol or Battery Powered

  • Haul loads to 1136kg on a single line pull. Speeds to 15m per minute. Runs on ULP.  Powerful Honda Motor. Anchor point options. Now available in Battery Powered!



Capstan Winch 2500KG 240V

  • Powerful 240V single phase cable hauling winch with rope reeler.
  • Suits rope diameter 7 – 12mm.
  • Overload protection switch and failsafe brake.
  • Supplied with Rope Coiler and Foot Pedal.

Capstan Winch 3000KG 240V

  • 240V hauling winch with a capacity of 3.0tonnes.

  • Hauls at approx 6 meters per minute.

  • Supplied complete with Operator Guard and Foot pedal.

  • 2 Tonne Version available also



Capstan Winch up to 4000KG Max. QUICK HITCH

  • Standard line pulls of 2, 3 and 4 tonne. 
  • Capstans are machined from billet aluminium, standard capstan size is 155mm diameter.
  • Geroller style hydraulic motor.
  • Fabrication from carbon steel.
  • Maximum line speed of 15 meters per minute.
  • All steelwork is grit blasted and primed with two-pack epoxy primer and finished with heavy-duty two-pack epoxy polyamine industrial coatings. 
  • Operation and maintenance manual.

Fibre Optic Winch - Compact

  • Full operator adjustable 0 – 5kN line tension.
  • Full operator adjustable 0 – 60m/min capstan wheel rotation speed.
  • Footprint of skid base
    • 1390mm long x 650mm wide.
  • Overall height with capstan wheel horizontal
    • 750mm.
  • Approximate total weight (wet)
    • 475kg

Fibre Optic Winch - Standard

  • Full operator adjustable 0 – 5kN 
  • Full operator adjustable 0 – 60m/min capstan wheel rotation speed.
  • Footprint of skid base
    • 1690mm long x 650mm wide
  • Overall height with capstan wheel horizontal
    • 950mm.
  • Approximate total weight (wet)
    • 490kg.


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