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Our DEWAR Range.

Dewar NST V2


  • Microprocessor controlled for highest accuracy &


  • Testing carried out over 4 Full 50Hz cycles
  • Easy to read 2 line LCD for results
  • Auto lock out for instrument protection if internal

reference resistor over heats during repeated



Heavy Duty Padded Case


  • Polypropylene hard plastic material
  • Molded firm foam base to fit NST, lead set, hanging clip and manual
  • Egg carton shape foam on the inner lid to hold items secure
  • 2 clip fasteners on the lid
  • Size 340mm x 280mm x 80mm
  • Black coloured case with Dewar logo
  • Total weight including the case, NST, lead set, hanging clip and manual 1.5kg approx.


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