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Our LADAMAX Range.

LADAMAX Aluminium Single Scaffold Ladders

  • Lightweight Possibly the lightest and strongest single scaffold ladder made
  • Strength Swagelock 'D' Aluminium rung connection S
  • tronger Channel section 2.4m-4.2m
  • Stronger I-Beam Section 4.8m-6m Large flat feet

LADAMAX Fibreglass Double Sided Step Ladder

LADAMAX Fibreglass Ladders are factory load tested to 500kg. Sturdy and lightweight construction. Lengths 0.9 metres thru to 3.6 metres. AS1892 load rated at 150kg. Excellent quality, Competitive pricing, Made in Australia.

LADAMAX Fibreglass Platform Step Ladder

  • Platforms load tested to 500kg. SWL 150kg. Rear guard rails available.

  • Made in Australia



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