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"Cable Dog" Cable Feeder (800DAN)
  • Cable feeders can be used in conjunction with hauling winches to assist and protect cable on long winding hauls
  • Specially designed rubberissed track chain and pressure regulated devices secure cable for smooth and even feed assist
"Dart" Line Carrier
  • For fast stringing through clean conduit with few bends, the most commonly used line carrier is the “dart”.
  • This product will travel down the conduit at high speed, aided by the flutes and the arrow head style of it.


  • Hook design for easy application for out of service items
  • Bright yellow design for easy identification


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"Out of Service" Safety Tag
  • 125mm x 75mm
  • Non tear/all weather
  • Qty/Pack - 10 Tags



*CAPSTAN WINCH 500KG with Crank Handle or Battery Op
  • No Petrol, No Electricity, No Hydraulics
  • Very Little Noise.
    500kg SWL Capstan Winch with hands free operation.
  • Use the Winch Handle or your battery drill.



0-9 Punch Set
  • 6mm Number Punch Set Machined from alloy steel and heat treaded for maximum toughness and quality of impression. With tapered points and additional mark to aid accurate positioning.
  • Each punch individually marked with the size and character identifier. Character Sizes: 1/4"(6mm) Contains 9pcs: (0-9) • Supplied in fitted plastic case
1 - Continuous Rodders With Fibreglass Core (4.5mm)
  • Copper trace as standard.
  • 4.5mm through to 11mm diameters. Chrome finished frames c/w brake.
  • Repair Kits, Spring Leaders, spare parts available. In house repairs if needed.
  • Our rodders have a fibreglass core and a HDPE covering which makes them the strongest and most durable on the market.


1 - HV Pin Insulator Aerial Cable Roller
  • Our High Voltage Insulator Roller makes stringing much easier for line crews. No more shoulder strain from lifting the conductor into place. Cable is secure during and after stringing is completed. Simply rotate the Roller 90deg and the cable drops neatly into the insulator groove

  • LR250kg

  • Weight 5.4kg



    1 - In Line Service Tensioner
    • Supplied standard in with 7.5 metres of rope, which will give you a bearing to bearing point of 2.5m however order the length you need.
    • All units are supplied with a NATA test certificate to 250kg WLL
    1 - Milwaukee M18™ Cable Stripper
    • Protects against Knife Injuries on the Job
    • Depth Gauge Adjustment up to 3" for Accurate, Consistent Strips
    1/ Parramatta Rope (Telstra Rope)
    • Centre Feed  - Tensile strength 595kg
    • Fastest despatch - no pigtailing - no bunching - means no waste = best value
    • Guaranteed 400m minimum single length coil unlike other brands that have annoying joins!
    • Heavy duty packaging holds coil shape throughout
    • Pallet buy yours for best pricing - free one month storage at our warehouse so you can collect and carry only what's required.
    • Free Sydney and Melbourne Metro deliveries to site where forklift available. Min 1 x pallet



    1/ RKI GX-3R Gas Detector
    • Simultaneous detection of 4 gases, LEL, O2, H2S & CO 
    • Smallest / Lightest four gas monitor on the market 70 H x 70 W x 25 D mm, 130g
    • Dual audible alarm ports (95 db @ 30 cm) 
    • 3 visual alarm LED’s 
    • Vibration alarm 
    • IP-67 water-resistant/dustproof design 
    • Calibration and bump test lock out or reminder controls 
    • Large capacity data logging standard 
      • 8 alarm trends
      • Log time range of 10 to 300 hrs
      • 100 calibration records 


    10-1000V Dual Range Voltage Detector (TOOL ONLY)
    • Automatically differentiates 10-49V and 50-1000V.

    • Different colours identify voltage range.

    • Built-in LED work light.

    • Auto-off.

    • AAA Battery Included

    100Kg Cable Drum Stand "A" Frame
    • A simple to use cable payoff system consisting of two 'A' frames with a centre axle.
    • A long working life can be expected due to all welded construction.
    • Maximum drum diameter: 800mm.
    • Useable axle width between the two 'A' frames: 900mm
    • Minimum cable drum centre hole: 27mm diameter
    10L Jerry Can
    • Tested and Certified to Australian & New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 2906:2001
    • Locking Cap with Safety Nozzle Inside
    • Heavy Duty: Drop Tested, Leak Tested
    12KVA Tradie Generator
    • HP 20
    • From 76 dB(A) @7m
    • Electric/Recoil starting system
    • Max Watts 9500W
    • Rated Watts 8500W
    • Weight 143KG
    • Fuel tank capacity 48L
    • Run time 11.3 hours @ 50% load
    • Dimensions L68 x W54 x H55cm
    • IP66 rated RCD & weatherproof outlets
    • 3 power outlets- 15amp
    12pt Combination Spanner
    • 64646 ​"Greater Surface Contact" on the Flats of the Hex, Away from the Corners gives a more Positive Non-slip, Non-burr Grip with Increased Torque and Strength
    • Features: Forged From 6140 Alloy Steel
    • Ring End Features Double Hex
    • Satin Chrome Finish with Polished Heads
    18' Shifter 450mm
    • Metric graduation markings on jaw
    • Non-protruding jaw shank to allow access in tight spaces
    • Parallel jaws ensure superior grip of bolts and fasteners
    • Features a four thread knurl offering smooth, uninhibited opening and closing of jaws
    2 - Cable Stripper Bushes
    • Removable Blade

    • Enclosed Blade

    • Aluminium Construction

    • Increased Stripping Safety

    2 - Continuous Rodders With Fibreglass Core (6mm)
    • Copper trace as standard.
    • 4.5mm through to 11mm diameters. Chrome finished frames c/w brake.
    • Repair Kits, Spring Leaders, spare parts available. In house repairs if needed.
    • Our rodders have a fibreglass core and a HDPE covering which makes them the strongest and most durable on the market.



    See the More Info Tab to see our great range of quality Lincoln Hoists. >>>>>

    2 - Universal Stringing Block (7' Sheave)

    • WEIGHT 9.3LBS/4.2KG

    2.5KVA Inverter Generator
    • HP 4.3
    • Torini Engine – 4 stroke
    • From 52 dB(A) @7m
    • Recoil starting system
    • Max watts 2500W
    • Rated watts 2300W
    • Weight 27kg
    • Fuel tank capacity 4L
    • Run time: 4.5 hours @ 50% load
    • Dimensions: L56x W34 x H47cm
    2/ Polypropylene 3 stranded rope - economical

    Aquatec Rope


    Aquatec Rope is made from PE and PP fibres, specially processed to provide a high strength, high abrasion resistant fibre rope. This rope is a popular and cost effective choice by professionals in the cable hauling industry.
    Sizes range from 4mm through to 40mm. 



    2/ RKI GX-2009 Gas Detector
    • The GX-2009 represents the latest evolution of gas detection technology. Advancements include dual audible alarm ports and alarm LED’s on 3 sides of the instrument, so that alarm conditions are obvious from multiple perspectives especially in high noise environments.




    20L Water Container
    • Australian made
    • UV stabilised
    • Water tight O ring seal on the lid will keep the contents dry
    • Ideal for storing virtually anything
    240v Conduit Blowing Unit
    • Two speed 240V x 2200W* motor delivers constant air pressure for blowing conduits to 150mm diameter.
    • The 240V Conduit Blower Can be purchased in a kit which includes blowing accessories such as bags, balloons etc, to suit your specific needs.
    • The motor consists of 2 x 1100w drives.


    29 x 460mm Shockwave Power Utility Auger
    • Single Spur Design:The single spur design scores the edge of the hole, creating a clean finish that allows bolts to slide through without resistance.

    • Reinforced Anti-Friction PTFE Coating:SHOCKWAVE™ Power Utility Augers are also coated with a reinforced anti-friction PTFE coating, allowing for overall smoother drilling and bit removal.

    2KVA Inverter Generator
    • HP 3.2
    • Torini Engine
    • From 52 dB(A) @7m
    • Recoil starting system
    • Max watts 2000W
    • Rated watts 1600W
    • Weight 21kg
    • Fuel tank capacity 4.1L
    • Run time: 7 hours @ 50% load
    • Dimensions: L52x W29 x H48cm
    3 - Continuous Rodders With Fibreglass Core (7.5mm)
    • Copper trace as standard.
    • 4.5mm through to 11mm diameters. Chrome finished frames c/w brake.
    • Repair Kits, Spring Leaders, spare parts available. In house repairs if needed.
    • Our rodders have a fibreglass core and a HDPE covering which makes them the strongest and most durable on the market.


    3 - Crossarm Bracket (7A)
    • For Universal Stringing Block attachment when installing aerial cable
    • Fits up to 5 3/4" & 6 1/4
    3 - Semiconductor Cable Stripper HLS Kit
    • To strip the non-vulcanized semiconductive layer of MV cables
    • Longitudinal, helical and circular cuts
    • Positioned on the cable comparable to a vice system
    • Stop clamp to limit the stripping length
    • Gradually depth adjustment
    • Maximal rotating diameter 130 mm
    3 Pin Connector for RD Transmitters (AU)
    • Used to easily apply a transmitter signal to a street distribution cable using a standard mains socket
    • Qualified for use to CAT III 600V, CAT IV 300V.
    3-Ply Anti-Microbial Fabric Face Mask
    • Individually wrapped inside hygienic polybag

    • Reusable and machine washable at 60 degrees 100% cotton breathable inner fabric '

    • Anti-microbial finish Texpel MicroTM, kills 99.9% of bacteria



    3.3KVA Inverter Generator
    • HP 7
    • From 50 dB(A) @ 7m
    • Electric/Recoil Starting system
    • Max Watts 3300W
    • Rated Watts 3000W
    • Weight 45KG
    • Fuel tank capacity 10L
    • Run time 11 hours @ 50% load
    • Dimensions L58 x W44 x H51cm
    • Lightweight silicone construction

    • Comfortable and user friendly

    • Large pliable sealing area

    • Excellent fit



    300mm Spirit Level
    • 300mm Length
    • Easily identifiable
    • 3 Bubbles for all orientations
    30L Oil & Fuel Premium Prenco Compact Spill Response Kit
    • Easy to store medium sized carry bag spill kit for first response to small spills or to help contain larger spills from spreading into the environment until back-up absorbents resourced from depot.
    3M DBI-SALA Exofit Nex Riggers Harness
    • When speed and efficiency are project requirements, ExoFit NEX™ will provide the freedom and confidence to function at your maximum potential
    3M Hand Crimping Tool
    • Removable Jaws
    • Crimping Tool
    • High Quality 3M Construction



    3M™ DBI-SALA® 2.0m Webbing Pole Strap
    • DBI SALA’s range of pole straps are designed for work positioning, restraint and assisted climbing. They are extensively used within the utilities industries for climbing electricity and telecommunications poles under restraint.
    3M™ DBI-SALA® 2.5m Webbing Pole Strap
    • Build quality that is second to none, backed by decades of design, research, manufacturing know how and on the job performance.
    3M™ DBI-SALA® Delta™ Live Line Harness
    • Delta™ harnesses combine a set of “industry-first” advancements, with popular features making them the workhorse of the industry. Today’s Delta™ represents the culmination of more than twenty years of design, research, manufacturing know-how and on-the-job performance.
    3M™ DBI-SALA® Delta™ Tower Workers Harness
    • Feature coated, corrosion-resistant hardware, water-repellant and abrasion-resistant webbing and a build quality that is second to none.
    3M™ PROTECTA® PRO Tower Workers Harness
    • The PRO Tower Workers Full-Body Harness is ideal for use in linesman/tower work, and industries where a harness must be used for climbing, suspension, positioning or rescue.
    • Designed for rescue work and industrial access to suit a variety of applications and emergency scenarios. 
    4 - Captive Stringing Block
    • 50mm, 80mm, and 140mm alloy Dogbone rollers with bearings.

    • Heavy duty frame that house the roller allows quick and easy placement and removal of the cable once in place



      4 - CCT Cable Stripper (w/ blade)


      4 - Continuous Rodders With Fibreglass Core (9mm)
      • Copper trace as standard.
      • 4.5mm through to 11mm diameters. Chrome finished frames c/w brake.
      • Repair Kits, Spring Leaders, spare parts available. In house repairs if needed.
      • Our rodders have a fibreglass core and a HDPE covering which makes them the strongest and most durable on the market.


      4 x Outlet RCD
      • Portable Power Block 4 outlet with individual switches
      • Rating 240 volt, 10 amp 2400 watt
      • In-built residual current device (RCD) safety switch for protection against electric shock (AU)
      • Overload protected
      4KVA Tradie Generator
      • HP7
      • From 68 dB(A) @ 7m
      • Recoil starting system
      • Max Watts 3200W
      • Rated Watts 2900W
      • IP66 rated RCD & weatherproof outlets
      • Weight 48KG
      • Fuel tank Capacity 18L
      • Run time 17 hours @ 50% load
      • Dimensions L59 x W43 x H48cm
      4MM Double Insulated Hex Bit
      • 1000v Double Insulated Hex BIT
      • 3/8" Drive
      • 4mm Head
      5 - Aerial Stringing Block
      • The aerial stringing block is ideal when stringing covered conductors. Easy placement and removal of cables.



        5 - Continuous Rodders With Fibreglass Core (11mm)
        • Copper trace as standard.
        • 4.5mm through to 11mm diameters. Chrome finished frames c/w brake.
        • Repair Kits, Spring Leaders, spare parts available. In house repairs if needed.
        • Our rodders have a fibreglass core and a HDPE covering which makes them the strongest and most durable on the market.


        5 - Semi Conductor Stripper
        • Strips Semi-con layer from insulation
        • 13-42mm 
        5MM Insulated Hex Bit
        • 1000v Insulated Hex BIT
        • 3/8" Drive
        • 5mm Head
        6 - Ampact Wedge Removal Tool
        • Impact resistant hammer pin treated for strength and corrosion to prolong fatigue life of tool
        • Spring loaded for ease of use
        • Solid, heavy duty mild steel body capable of absorbing impact
          • Material Mild Steel Body, Tool Steel Hammer Pin
          • Dimensions 225 x 112 x 24
          • Weight 1.5kG
        6 - Continuous Rodders With Fibreglass Core (15mm)
        • Copper trace as standard.
        • 4.5mm through to 15mm diameters. Chrome finished frames c/w brake.
        • Repair Kits, Spring Leaders, spare parts available. In house repairs if needed.
        • Our rodders have a fibreglass core and a HDPE covering which makes them the strongest and most durable on the market. 


        6 - MV Cable AMSII Cable Stripper Set
        • Designed to remove the primary insulation of 6 to 45kV cables
        • Helical and circular cuts
        • Max. rotating diameter 220 mm
        • Snap knob to activate/deactivate axial feed
        • Positioned on the cable like a vice system
        • Designed to strip both ends
        • Unlimited stripping length
        • Interchangeable blade
        6.8KVA Diesel Tradie Generator
        • HP 10
        • From 111 dB(A) @ 7m
        • Electric/Recoil starting system
        • Max Watts 5500W
        • Rated Watts 5000W
        • Weight 143KG
        • Fuel tank capacity 14.5L
        • Run time 10 hours @ 50% load
        • Dimensions L80 x W62 x H65cm
        • IP66 rated RCD & weatherproof outlets
        6.8KVA Tradie Generator
        • HP 13
        • From 72 dB(A) @ 7m
        • Electric/Recoil starting system
        • Max Watts 5500W
        • Rated Watts 5000W
        • Weight 88KG
        • Fuel tank capacity 25L
        • Run time 13 hours @ 50% load
        • Dimensions L68 x W54 x H55cm
        • IP66 rated RCD & weatherproof outlets
        7 - Conduit Rodder Repair Kit


        • Permabond Adhesive
        • 1 x Hauling Eyes
        • 2 x Rodder Coupling
        • 1 x Guide Eye
        • 2 x 
        7 - RG6 Cable Stripper Prep Tool
        • Designed for Industry standard RG6 cable stripping
        • Enclosed blade design
        7/16" Security Shield Tool
        75 OHM Terminator/Resistor
        • 739/131



        8 - CAT5/5e/6 Stripper
        • Removes the cable jacket on Cat5/5e/6 cables. Accepts cable diameters from 0.18" to 0.25" (4.5mm - 6.3mm).Long life blade
        • Will not nick inner conductors
        • Durable high impact plastic housing is molded from yellow plastic to make it easier to locate
        8.1KVA Tradie Generator
        • HP15
        • From 72 dB(A) @ 7m
        • Electric/Recoil starting system
        • Max Watts 6500W
        • Rated Watts 6000W
        • Weight 90KG
        • Fuel tank capacity 25L
        • Run time 11.3 hours @ 50% load
        • Dimensions L68 x W54 x H55cm
        9 - HANLONG Coax Cable Stripper


        • Strips RG: 59/62/6/11/7/213/8
        • Designed with Double-Ended Stripper & Stripping length 6mm


        98kN Eye Bolt

        Technical Specifications

        • 98kN minimum failing load
        • Forged  to comply with AS1111.1
        • Material Grades to AS1442 and AS3679.1
        • Galvanised to AS1214
        • M20 hex nut to AS1112.3



        • Overhead Power Line Construction
        • Fencing Posts for wire cabling
        • Lifting points
        • Anchor points
        9v Procell Battery
        • High performance, long lasting Duracell AA cell batteries.
        • Economical bulk packaging.
        • Alkaline copper top, mercury free.
        • Ideal for demanding, high drain applications.
        ABC CABLE Come Along
        • Designed to reduce cable fatigue and provide ease of application for the user.
        • Equipped with plated bodies, a long fixed lower jaw and spring loaded upper jaw the unit is fitted to the conductor
        ABC Cable Piercing Tool
        • Up to 150mm2
        Absorbent Spill Cleaner
        • The Oil Eater is the environmentally friendly, fire retardant solution for all types of oil, paint & chemical and pet spills.
        • For use on any surface, it will not leach.
        • User friendly in wet or dry conditions, non-slip and anti-skid.
        Adjustable Shifter 18'
        • Drop Forged
        • Heat treated
        • Chrome plated
        • Ergonomic Grip
        • Non slip grip
        AEGIS 4 Way Cordset w/ RJ12

        Download More Info

        AEGIS Lead Set for Cable Gauge


        AEGIS Switch Lead Unit
        • The Aegis QuickSwitch is designed to allow the safe connection of any brand of test set or meter to a telecommunications distribution frame.The QuickSwitch allows switching between monitor, customer and exchange easily.

          The QuickSwitch incorporates a rotary action control switch, which allows the operator to to access a cable pair at an MDF or CCU etc and in turn monitor the cable pair before performing any test.

           Safe monitor and break access (2-pole & 4-pole) for Krone



        Aerial Cable Spindle
        • Convenient  “J” hook design allows for correct running angle of termination. Insulator supplied only when ordered separately

        Aerial Drop Wire Bracket
        • Mounted to dwelling fascias to provide secure anchor point for incoming services such as aerial phone cable.

        Aerial Drop Wire Insulator
        • 20p per pack
        • Compatible with PHIH304.3.12 
        Affinity 2100 Disposable Mask
        • Thin and light material for comfortable fit

        • Anthropological vertical low profile design

        • Pre-shaped nose clip

        • Optional exhalation valve



        ALL TRADES 10mm Commercial Grade Thimble


        ALL TRADES 65mm Pointer (w/screw base)


        ALL TRADES Asbestos Warning Tape


        All Trades Auger Bits
        Our Augers are designed to be driven by Hydraulic, mains, or battery operated impact wrenches and drills. Lengths from 225mm through to 900mm. Diameters from 10mm through to 40mm. Guaranteed to match or beat any genuine competitors written quote! Excellent customer feedback on quality, durability, and value for money.
        ALL TRADES Braided Copper Lead Class 6
        • 450kg rating


        Download More Info


        All Trades Depth Set Blade
        • Modified high quality Multi Tool Blades

          Makes open cutting into Electrical & Communication Conduit Easy, Clean & SAFE

          Blade affixed with a horse shoe shaped plate on each side

          Horseshoe plates assist in controlling the depth being cut into the material (Conduit/Pipe etc.)

          Starlock fitting for tool compatibility

        ALL TRADES Extendable Cone Bar
        • Extendable Cone Bar, Black with Reflective Yellow.
        • UV Treated ABS and HDPE Material with reinforced end loops.
        • Strong and durable design. Loops designed to fit over traffic cones and T-Top bollards to barricade off areas and assist with pedestrian management.



        ALL TRADES First Aid Kit
        • Our featured First Aid Kit meets and exceeds the required listing of items used by Telstra and the NBN.
        • We can also source and supply any standard or customised First Aid Kit to meet your specific requirements.



        ALL TRADES HDPE Tool Board





        ALL TRADES Line Clamp


        ALL TRADES Liner Bracket



        ALL TRADES Linesman Tool Bucket

        ALL TRADES Load Tester Carry Bag
        • For use with load tester shown here
        ALL TRADES NST Canvas Kit Bag


        ALL TRADES Pillar Spanner

        Download More Info

        ALL TRADES PTR KIT Sticker
        • Identifies if PTR Kit is present
        • Bright yellow/red design for easy identification
        ALL TRADES Red Canvas Cover
        • Red Canvas Cover
        • Suits Rega 16L Knapsack
        • 40x50x20 (wxhxd)



        ALL TRADES Red T's
        • Class 2 Reflective
        • Aluminium construction
        • 2 holes
        • 100 Pack
        ALL TRADES Rubber Bandage (2m)

        Download More Info

        ALL TRADES Screw Assembly


        ALL TRADES Sharps Collection Kit
        • Complete Kit for the retrieval of small sharp objects. IE Syringe Needles. Specifically designed Syringe Picker. 
        • Instruction Guides. 
        • Sharps Collection Box all included.



        ALL TRADES Sunrise Fitting


        ALL TRADES Sunrise Fitting


        ALL TRADES Tool Apron


        ALL TRADES Tool Bag

        ALL TRADES Universal Over Boots


        ALL TRADES Valve Holder


        ALMINOX Electrical Jointing Compound
        • A mineral oil based corrosion inhibitor with added zinc grit
        • 188°C drop point
        • Provides excellent outdoor weathering protection
        • For aluminum compression joints



        Aluminium Cable Ties (100pc)
        • Highly Chemical Resistent
        • Ideal for Long Term External Exposure and Flame Proof Installation
        AMP Trimming Tool (HFC) Potentiometer
        • Double-ended moulded plastic trimming tool for single and multi-turn presets
        • Protruding blade at one end and a shrouded blade at the oither.
        Anti-Bacterial Wipes
        • MEDIQ antibacterial wipes are designed to provide instant cleansing and protection by killing 99.9% of germs.
        • 80 PACK
        • Keeps face fresh, dry and odour free
        • Anti-microbial finish, kills 99.9% of bacteria
        • 100% Cotton breathable inner fabric for all day comfort
        • Soft-to-touch cotton for ultimate wearer comfort
        Aqualyte Rehydration Powder
        • Low sugar fluid and electrolyte rehydration solution Each 25g sachet makes 600ml
          • ATM-AL25G50S (Lemon & Lime)
          • ATM-AM25G50S (Mixed)
          • ATM-AO25G50S (Orange Flavour)
          • ATM-AB25G50S (Berry Flavour)
        • Arax Knit Technology with EN388
        • Cut 5 Protection Sand finish nitrile dip absorbs oil & grease for excellent grip in greasy conditions
        • TPR padding protects fingers & knuckles from knocks & scrapes
        • Anti-vibration foam padded palm - ideal for working with power tools



        ARAX Lite - Cut 3 Rated
        • Arax Knit Technology with EN388 Cut Level C Super thin 18 gauge machine knit for comfort & protection
        • Good cut resistance without sacrificing comfort or dexterity Reinforced nitrile thumb crotch for extra protection where it counts
        • Touchscreen compatible


        Asbestos Removal Bags
        • When removing asbestos from worksites etc it is very important that the contents of your rubbish bag is easily identifiable.

        • Made from heavy duty PVC to Australian standards



        Axe Hatchet Steel Shaft - HART - 20OZ
        • Engineered to split Australian hardwood
        • Designed for maximum blade life
        • SureGripTM handle for maximum control and comfort
        B-SAFE 100mm Shock Absorber (w/Loops)


        B-SAFE Adjustable Pole Strap (2.5m)
        • The pole strap is designed to fully restrain the user so that any fall is a limited free fall within the work area
        • They are used by attaching to either side of a harness at the waist belt and going around the pole over a cross brace so that they cannot slide down
        B-SAFE Fixed Back Harness
        • Zinc plated forged 2 bar 3 bar buckles
        • Zinc plated forged rear Dee with stand out feature
        • Front loops parking position, enable the fall arrest rated attachment points to be secured (via Velcro), away for convenience and comfort Front and rear fall arrest attachment points, a large “stand off” rear Dee and convenient frontal loops
        B-SAFE General Purpose Full Body with Quick Connect Buckles
        • Efficient high capacity Quick Connect Buckles to chest and legs (25kN)
        • 45mm black and gold polyester webbing
        • Zinc plated forged rear D Ring with standout feature
        • Zinc plated forged 2 bar, 3 bar buckles to shoulders
        B-SAFE Kit Bag
        • Internal and external pockets
        • Zipper Closure
        • Durable Fabric
        • Large size
        B-SAFE Roofers Kit

        The B-Safe Tradie Roofers Kit is ideally suited for work on most roofs when used in conjunction with appropriate anchorage.


        • The Kernmantle rope used in conjunction with high strength grab provides positive location and free movement when required - no more birdsnesting in 3 strand rope.



        Backpack Sprayer M18
        • No manual pumping required
        • 5 mode pressure adjustment knob stays between 20-120 PSI
        • 15L Tank
        • 12 tanks of spraying per charge
        Bag Line Carrier
        • This carrier will collapse when bulkier obstructions are met but in most cases will continue to pass through, when it does the bag will re-inflate.
        • Suitable for use in occupied conduit from 40-200mm ID.
        • Comes with Eyelets


        BAILEY Fibreglass Double Sided Step Ladder
        • Fibreglass construction approved for use in the electrical industry. Sized from 0.9m through to 3.6m Load rating to 150kg 



        BAILEY Fibreglass Step Extension Ladder
        • Versatile industrial use option if you need a little more height. Pole “V” bracket factory fitted to each ladder. Sizing to 4.1m extended.


        BALLANTYNES Tether Plate 500mm
        • The Tether Plate is Travel Restraint and Fall Arrest device on metal clad roofs.
        • It can be used as a standalone diversionary roof anchor or it can be used in conjunction with the T Bar roof anchor.
        • This device gives the operator the advantage of a 360° working area on the roof surface with continuous Travel Restraint protection.
        • The Claw 500 is suitable for Custom Orb and Trimdek roofs.


        Balloon Line Carrier
        • Rigid neck ensuring it stays inflated.
        • This line carrier will collapse if it meets a slight obstruction or a tight bend, but will re-inflate after it passes through.
        • Suitable for use in unoccupied conduit from 50-200mm ID


        Barrier Mesh
        • An effective cost efficient temporary barrier.

        • High Visibility Orange, re-usable and available in various grades.

        • Supplied on 30m or 50m rolls.



        Barrier Tape
        • High Visibility warning and barrier tapes.

        • Suitable for internal or external work area marking.



        BEAVER Hammerlock 7-8mm G80
        • Grade 80 Component Connector.
        • Quality testing is carried out throughout the manufacturing process.


        • Ideal for heavy duty lifting applications.


        • Manufactured from heat-treated alloy steel

        Approved Standards

        • AS 2321


        Download More Info

        Bell Mouths
        • Cast Aluminium Split Bell Mouth Conduit fittings allow
        • Cable entry to Duct from any angle. Ideal for using in occupied conduit.
        • Sizes 100, 125, or 150mm.
        • Handy alternative to Conduit Slippers



        BIG LUGG Tool Holder
        • Fully adjustable for almost any hand held power tool
        • Use to hold cordless drills, nailers, staplers, saws, and more
        • Fits any tool belt or waistbelt and clips on and off in seconds
        • Swivels out of the way against your hip when not in use
        • Durable all metal construction
        • Perfect match with our custom made tool aprons here
        BITUPAK 20kG Bags
        • 5-7mm bituminous cold max
        • Suitable for small or temporary repairs
        • 20kg bag
        • Density: 2.4 tonne/m^3
        Black AD Base 12kg
        • Highly durable rubber black base with handle.
        • Suits ‘Ad Base’ style 600x900mm signs (available separately)
        • Suitable for warehouses, loading docks, carparks, entrance areas, roadways
        Black Electrical PVC Tape
        • Electrical Tape
        • PVC
        • 18mm x 20m
        • Extremely flexible and conformable PVC backing.
        • Ideal for cable and wire insulation.
        • BLACK COLOUR
        Blank Duct Plugs

        Prevent the incursion of water and sedimentation into costly duct banks, raceway systems and fibre networks

        • Ideal for manholes and building entrances
        Block Snatch 450kg Rating
        • 450kg rating


        Download More Info

        BOKER Come Alongs
        • Designed for copper and steel wires
        • Suitable for linesmen, bridge builders, industry and
        • Parallel hardened steel tensioning jaws
        • Galvanised body
        • Spring-loaded jaws grip wire easily



        Branach PowerMaster Extension


        The PowerMaster Extension Ladder range features Branach's unique strongbox construction. This allows for dramatic rigidity which greatly reduces twist and sway. They are designed for maximum safety when working at heights.



        Breaker Bar 1/2' DR Ratchet Head
        • Adjustable length high torque breaker bars provide greater flexibility and versatility
        • Ratcheting head with high torque capabilities allows for use in heavier duty applications
        • Telescopic handle: 410-610mm
        BROMIC Bernzomatic Torch and Two Cylinder Kit
        • MAP-Pro hand torch cylinder storage kit
        • Flame type: Ultra-swirl flame
        • Adjustable flame settings
        • Instant on/off trigger
        • Ideal for professional applications
        Broom 35cm Bass Cane
        • Extra stiff blend of natural bassine and cane bristles effectively collect large particles
        • Can be used on roads and heavy bitumen
        BUCKET W/ LID (5L)
        • Leak proof seal
        • Food grade
        • Unique lifting lug
        • Made in Australia
        Bushmans Spray
        • Unique extra dry formula provides hours of effective protection against insects
        • Also incorporates sunscreen for added protection
        • Non greasy, with a natural scent
        • Developed in Australia’s tropical north
        • 12 in carton
        CABAC Digital 3 Wire Earth Tester
        • LED indication for correct electrode range
        • Measures to 0.01Ω
        • Auto-power ‘off’ Data hold



        Cabac Hand Held Crimper (<25mm2)

        Cabac Hand Held Crimper (<25mm2)


        • Hand Held
        • 6-25mm2 Capacity
        • Copper Lugs
        • Crimp Type = 'W'


        Order Code CABK28

        Cabac Hand Held Crimper (HEX TYPE)

        Cabac Hand Held Crimper (HEX TYPE)


        • 6-50mm2 (KO5)
        • 6-120mm2 (KO6)
        • Sizes Available
        • HEX TYPE Copper Lugs


        Order Code CAB-KO5

        Order Code CAB-KO6

        CABAC Holesaw Kit 16-76mm


        CABAC Insulated Screwdriver Set
        • 1000v Insulation Working Capacity
        • 8 Piece Set
          • 4p Slotted Screwdrivers
          • 3p Phillips Screwdriver
          • 1p Mains Tester
        CABAC K/110 Punchdown Tool
        • Includes a K and 110 punch down head
        • Extra head is stored in a compartment in top of tool
        • Adjustable impact settings
        • Robust general purpose tool
        • MDF Compatibility
        CABAC Power Point Tester
        • Low cost for a big result
        • Very simple and easy to use
        • Rugged and compact design
        • Identifies six wiring conditions
        • Integral plug fits straight into the socket
        • Push button RCD trip test



        Cable Bearer
        • This galvanised steel bracket is fixed to manhole walls (in pairs) to support a cable joint.

        • Galvanised to ensure a long service life in a hostile environment.

        • Provided is a Ø 16mm dia hole for a suitable masonry fastener.

        Cable Bonding Leads
        • Plumtest bonding leads
        • 12-32mm strap
        • Length: 1400mm
        • Rated to 450v/100A
        Cable Forming Tool (Suits .750 COAX HFC Cable)
        • Suits .75 COAX HFC Cable



        Cable Glide Premium Gel Lubricant

        Cable Gel unique formula and premium ingredients will suit all cable types. Hand or pump applied, water based and biodegradable. Economical 20 litre pail. Also available in 1 Litre and 200 Litre Containers

        Cable Ladder Roller

        Add support to your Cable Tray roller with the addition of these side arms. Used mainly when Cable Ladder is installed instead of Tray. Fixing nuts and bolts are supplied.



        Cable Locator
        • Trace & Frequency from 10Hz to 35kHz
        • Proximity signal and signal strength help work through difficult locates
        • Target Line and Guidance Arrows
        Cable Slide General Purpose Lubricant

        Cost effective general purpose cable lubricant. 20 litre pail supplied with tap for convenience. Water based and biodegradable.



        Cable Tie - Screw Mountable
        • For long life and dependable service
        • With cable ties available in lengths from 100mm to 1168mm
        CABLE TIES
        • Designed to meet applicable strength requirements without sacrificing ease of use. In fact, our cable tie design incorporates several measures to improve comfort and safety. The product has smooth, round edges that are more comfortable to work with and reduce the risk of cuts to cable insulation or hands. The tail of the tie features a bent-tip with v-shaped grooving that prevents your grip from slipping. This means less effort during pick-up, insertion and pull through.



        Cable Tray Angle Roller

        Used to form angles on cable or ladder tray bends. Bolt or tie to individual cable ladder rungs or perforated cable tray. Excellent junction roller when running around bends. Dog bone or Tube Roller can be mounted in either top preference.



        Cable Tray Rollers

        Available with PVC or Alloy Bearing Rollers, protect cable from tray sharps and make installation easier. The optional side arms are used when using the rollers on cable ladder tray. 


        Download More Info

        Cable Tray Vertical Angle Roller
        • Made from twin alloy bearing rollers to keep cable captive.
        • Will accept cable diameter to 90mm.
        • Can be mounted directly to Cable Tray or Ladder.
        • Top roller removable for quick and easy placement of cable.



        CABLEMATIC Conductor Cleaning Tool
        • Designed to remove residual dielectric from the conductor on all sizes of trunk & distribution cables without damage


        Download More Info

        CABLEMATIC Lightweight Drop Trimmer
        • One Step COAX RG6


        Download More Info


        CABLEMATIC Torque Wrench
        • Suits RG11 F Connectors
        • 9/16" Head
        CANON Binoculars 18x50
        • Binoculars with an apparent field- of-view greater than 65° offering a broader scope of view.
        • Rubber Coating Cushions the binoculars against shocks and makes them easier to grip
        • A computer-controlled Vari-Angle Prism (VAP) system that compensates for movement to provide a clearer view..
        Cant Hook


        Canvas Storage Bag (FOR Fibreglass Sticks)
        • Storage Bag for fibreglass extension sticks
        • Insulated
        • Velcro Close
        Capstan Winch 1136KG Petrol or Battery Powered
        • Haul loads to 1136kg on a single line pull. Speeds to 15m per minute. Runs on ULP.  Powerful Honda Motor. Anchor point options. Now available in Battery Powered!



        Capstan Winch 2500KG 240V
        • Powerful 240V single phase cable hauling winch with rope reeler.
        • Suits rope diameter 7 – 12mm.
        • Overload protection switch and failsafe brake.
        • Supplied with Rope Coiler and Foot Pedal.
        Capstan Winch 3000KG 240V
        • 240V hauling winch with a capacity of 3.0tonnes.

        • Hauls at approx 6 meters per minute.

        • Supplied complete with Operator Guard and Foot pedal.

        • 2 Tonne Version available also



        Capstan Winch up to 4000KG Max. QUICK HITCH
        • Standard line pulls of 2, 3 and 4 tonne. 
        • Capstans are machined from billet aluminium, standard capstan size is 155mm diameter.
        • Geroller style hydraulic motor.
        • Fabrication from carbon steel.
        • Maximum line speed of 15 meters per minute.
        • All steelwork is grit blasted and primed with two-pack epoxy primer and finished with heavy-duty two-pack epoxy polyamine industrial coatings. 
        • Operation and maintenance manual.
        CATU Application Head Platform
        • Made of copper aluminium alloy, this clamp dispenser allows attachment of up to 3 of CATU’s clamps in order to hook them onto various electrical applications.


        • The dispenser includes a C-type connector which is designed to be inserted directly into C-type insulative poles. Once attached the user can move the dispenser, along with up to 3 clamps, up to a high point and clamp on for testing purposes.


        Download More Info

        Chin Straps - Suits TA570
        • To suit safety cap
        • Approved to AS/NZS 1801:1997
        • Suitable for mining, construction, transport, forestry and heavy
        • engineering industries
        Chisel Bit SDS Max
        • Made from durable steel
        • Great for light demolition tasks
        • Suits any brand of SDS Max tools
        Cleaning Mandrel
        • Used to clear debris from conduit prior to proving or cable hauling, in some cases used to distribute more even coats of lube. Usually constructed containing rubber discs, but wire brush types also available.
        Clear Safety Goggles
        • Medium impact
        • Anti-scratch
        • 99.9% UV protection
        • Qty/Box - 12
        • Certified to AS/NZS 1337.1:2010 Lic 25492
        • Triple Lock
        • 19mm Opening


        Download More Info

        Clout Nails
        • Galvanised
        • High corrosion protection
        • 316 Grade Stainless Steel
        • Large flat head for flush fit
        • 250 PACK
        Coach Screws - Low Tensile Galv
        • LOW TENSILE GALV - HEX - 130MM M16 - PER PCE
        COAST Head Torch
        • Lightweight and Compact Head torch
        • Hinged beam adjustment
        • Removable elasticated headband for comfort fit
        • IPX4 weather resistant
        • Weight: 124 g (including batteries)
        Combination Fuel & Oil Can
        • Useful for chainsaw operators
        • Separated dual container for petrol and oil
        Combination Ratchet Spanner - 24mm
        • 72 tooth ratcheting box end needs a minimal 5° to move fasteners vs. 30° for standard wrenches
        • Flush mounted reversing lever allows you to change direction without removing the wrench
        • Off-corner loading design on box end provides better grip and reduces fastener rounding
        • Pass-thru® technology works down any length of threaded rod and long bolts
        COMMSCOPE Heat Shrink Sealing Kit
        • For sealing two cables having a diameter range of 5-30 mm through the round ports (numbered 3-8) of the closure
        • Includes a universal strength member termination kit



        COMMSCOPE Test Cord KRONE 4 Pole


        Communications Earth Pit Lead (1.5m)
        • Lead roll
        • 1500 x 50 x 3mm
        • 3m length of copper/PVC
        • Green/Yellow 6mm² earth cable soldered 
        • Mechanically retained to the lead strap and coated with a protective paint.
        • Used for new construction of telecommunications pit and refurbishment.
        Compact Ratchet Cutter

        Compact Ratchet Cutter


        Compact construction for reduced tool footprint.


        • ACSR (15mm)
        • Copper (16mm)
        • Aluminium (20mm)


        Order Code ATM-63607


        COMPANION Cylinder Adaptor
        • 3/8" LH Cylinder Adaptor to POL Fitting
        • Suitable for connecting
        • 3/8"LF POL FITTING
        COMPANION Pro:Fuel Butane Cartridges (4pc)
        • 4 pack
        • Resealing valve
        Conduit Blowing Gun
        • For use with industrial air compressor, universal air coupling fitted.
        • User friendly heavy duty on/off lever.
        • Will efficiently blow drawline or parramatta rope to conduits up to 200mm




        Conduit Blowing Seals
        • Conduit blowing seals for empty or occupied conduit. To suit sizes 25mm – 150mm (Solutions now available for 200mm conduit )



        Conduit Pull Through Fish Tape
        • Takes the hard work out of running cable through conduit. Features a durable plastic container with tensioner. Comes with fibreglass coil. Very easy to use, just thread the fibreglass through the conduit, attach the cable to the “hook”, pull it back and you’re done!



        Conduit Slippers (28mm-150mm)

        Sizes range from 28mm through to 150mm.


        When access to the duct opening is readily available these guides (slippers) assist in protecting the cable sheath and providing up to a 90 degree angle for cable entry. Not suitable for use when cables are exiting from duct as they are not lockable.



        Confined Space Entry Kit

        The Workman® Tripod is very easy to use. Simple setup makes the process quick and promotes correct operation.


        • Telescoping legs (up to 8 ft. high) do not tangle when unit is collapsed for easier transportation and storage.



        Core Twister Bending Tool Set
        • Core twister bending tool set (Vice Grip)
        • Sold as pair
        Corner Trench Cable Roller

        Corner Trench Cable Rollers are rated at 200kg per roller and can be ganged together by star pickets to form any configuration. Corner Trench Cable Rollers are sold separately but usually purchased in gangs of three to form a sweeping bend. 



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